The University of Auckland

The Department of Conservation

Chris Gaskin

Prof. Andrew Jeffs

Lily Kozmian-Ledward

Fisheries have the potential of reducing the abundance of forage fish and may also change the community structure of fish schools resulting in smaller and less frequent boil ups reducing food availability.  Depending on the level of dependence of seabirds on these foraging opportunities this could result in impacts to populations of seabirds.  Taking an ecosystem approach is required to understand this dynamic system.


Our research focuses on a suite of seabird species that we have identified as key for the study of fish schools/shoaling fish in north-eastern North Island waters and potential indirect adverse effects. We will continue to develop our multi-disciplinary approach necessary to fully investigate indirect effects on seabirds through the study of these species, complemented by ongoing investigation into fish school dynamics and seabird diet, foraging distribution and behaviour and breeding success​


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